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There is no firm out there that can compete with us at exactly what “affordable” means, so it’s understandable why people keep returning whenever they have an auto emergency or towing requirements.

About Us


Our company's major goal is to establish itself as the most dependable towing service in town while upholding a dedication to accountability, safety, and environmental stewardship and offering reasonable rates for our services.


Motech Towing Service asserts that every customer has a fantastic experience with us and will remain as one of our top goals. We've appointed specially qualified professionals who will work as a team to achieve the greatest outcomes since we want to make sure you receive prompt, courteous service without any inconvenience.


Light-Duty Towing

You can count on us all day and night to transfer smaller automobiles like sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs thanks to our light-duty towing services that are always available. These services are necessary in a number of circumstances, such as breakdowns, collisions, and vehicle relocations. Contact us whenever you need a tow for your car, and we’ll be there in 30 minutes or less!


Medium-Duty Towing

We haul and retrieve a wide range of vehicles, including RVs and motorhomes, as well as dump trucks and other vehicles. You may also rely on us for light-duty towing services involving passenger cars and passenger trucks.


Heavy-Duty Towing

If your heavy-duty vehicle breaks down on the road, call us for a quick heavy duty tow or lift to the nearest maintenance shop. Having Motech Towing Service on your side will alleviate your stress since we are a trusted heavy-duty towing service that is available round the clock a day, 7 days a week to perform the tow in a safe and timely way.


Roadside Assistance

We should be the ones you call if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road since your safety is our top priority. Our wreckers are always nearby and will get there as quickly as they can to help you, whether you require roadside services or other assistance for problems like flat tires and dead batteries.

Why Choose Us

We recognize how important your car is to you and how much it is a part of your everyday life. That is why our business works for perfection at every turn of the process, from offering dependable service to speedy car repairs with top-notch client care at costs that are affordable for any budget!

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Clients Testimonials

"They are really accommodating and friendly. They will exceed your expectations while still performing well"
Martha Alvarado
"I appreciate your quick assistance constantly, Motech Towing Service. Quick and affordable."
Lulu Schroeder
"No one wants to get into a car accident or collision, but if you do, call Motech Towing Service. They’re professional and easy to deal with."
Samson Erickson
Art historian

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You can trust Motech Towing Service to be there for you when and when you need us the most. We have spare tires and flat tires on hand for when life throws you the toughest curveballs!